Is egypt afrocentric

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Only when Students become centered, that is, when they also and systematically adopt ways, attitudes, and methods that are germane to your own cultural traditions and historical reality, can they work to achieve academic. The last thing, the Maskers, are the governments who are unable of Afrocentricity and therefore do all they can to memorize their identities.

Thesis: Due to geographic, cultural, and historic evidence, Egypt is an Afrocentric so studying it should be considered Afrocentric. However, due to social constructs and the colonization of Africa, many wrongly do not consider studying Egypt as Afrocentric.

Fallacies of Afrocentrism. Grover Furr. A few days ago I posted an article I wrote back in '91 when the college's black student org.

Ancient Egyptian race controversy

invited Leonard Jeffries to come to speak. In it I ran through, though very briefly (for space), some of the fallacies of Afrocentrism.

Aug 11,  · Afrocentrists maintain that ancient Egypt is the source of civilization and that Egyptians had a stronger influence on the formation of Greek culture than is generally recognized. Ancient Egypt’s Afrocentricity Thesis: Due to geographic, cultural, and historic evidence, Egypt is an Afrocentric so studying it should be considered Afrocentric.

However, due to social constructs and the colonization of Africa, many wrongly do not consider studying Egypt as Afrocentric.


Today, Afrocentrism is a racist, highly conservative, nationalist pseudo-science (by the latter term I mean: based upon phony scholarship and premises).

It victimizes black students almost exclusively, since it is they who have this nonsense foisted off upon them as truth. Afrocentrism verges on being classified as a religious faith because of the required suspension of skepticism and the irrelevance of empirical evidence.

Afrocentrism is a backlash against the pervasive and powerful negative images of black (African) people that exist in the world today.

Is egypt afrocentric
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