Graduate coursework application fee form-nus

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Graduate Students

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Applications pleasant after the closing date will be careful for the next relevant vocabulary. Only if your ideas are unable to balance the online system should you ask them to every the paper-based report. Graduate School Application Fees Applicants to the Graduate School pay a non-refundable, non-transferrable application fee of.

$65 for U.S. citizens and permanent residents and; $75 for international applicants; Applicants will pay their application fee online by credit card, debit card or online check through CollegeNet prior to submitting.

Welcome to Graduate Admission System (GDA2)

Welcome to Graduate Admission System (GDA2) For New Applicant. Please refer to the instructions from the Faculty/School with which you are applying before you proceed to apply online. International students applying for Coursework Programmes offered by other Schools will be liable for non-subsidised tuition fees.

Non- Electronic Applications Applications are to be submitted BOTH electronically and via hardcopy. The graduate programmes are designed for Bachelor-degree graduates from engineering or a closely related field who wish to advance their knowledge and careers in engineering and/or management. An application fee of SGD$50 is payable for each programme applied to.

Our online application system only accepts payment via credit/debit card (Visa, Master, Amex) or internet debit card (for local applicants with a Singapore bank account). Complete the relevant Application Fee Form and send it together with a cheque (should be crossed) made payable to "National University of Singapore".

Please write your name, mailing address and programme applied for at the reverse side of the cheque.

Graduate coursework application fee form-nus
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