Aspartame research paper

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Aspartame research paper

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Can aspartame cause muscle pain?

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Aspartame and diabetes research paper

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Aspartame – Truth vs Fiction

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By Dr. Mercola. The video above features Dr. Ralph G. Walton, 1 M.D. chairman of the Center for Behavioral Medicine, and a professor and chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at the Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine.

Dr. Walton is one of the leading researchers on aspartame, and in this interview, he discusses his research. Claim: The artificial sweetener aspartame is responsible for an epidemic of cancer, brain tumors, and multiple Aspartame is a highly studied food additive with decades of research showing that it is safe for human consumption.

As expected, the research is complex making it possible to cherry pick and misinterpret individual studies in order to fear monger.

George Carlin was known as a great stand up comic. Carlin hosted the first broadcast of "Saturday Night Live" in October He starred as a cabdriver in his own sitcom, "The George Carlin Show" which ran from to Carlin had a very bad habit, he was addicted to Diet Coke with aspartame.

The highly controversial Aspartame has been regarded by some as one of the most dangerous ingredients used in our food supply – while “official” sources continue to maintain its safety and continue not to mention the “negative” studies. Aspartame has in fact been linked to seizures and a host of other major health issues including fatal.

Janet Hull almost died from aspartame poisoning in She has documented the history of aspartame, government reports and Senate Hearings on aspartame safety.

Aspartame research paper
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