Aggressive contests in male jumping spiders

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UV-Green Iridescence Predicts Male Quality during Jumping Spider Contests

aggressive contests between male jumping spiders. Jun 12,  · Hunting An Aggressive Jumping Spider! - Duration: Bob TheSpiderHunter 1, The most aggressive spider in the world and one of most dangerous.

- Duration: Jean-Luc Sanchez. Publications; Multimedia; Art Projects; Jumping Spiders; All; Substrate borne signals; Assessment during aggressive contests between male jumping spiders. Animal Behavior, 76 (3), Assessment during aggressive contests between male jumping spiders. Animal Behavior, 76 (3).

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Phidippus clarus are jumping spiders in which males produce multimodal (visual and vibrational) signals in both male–male (aggressive) and male–female (courtship) contexts. The P. clarus mating system is complex, with sex ratios and the level of male competition. Strategies can be either based on one’s own abilities (self assessment) or on the relative abilities of two opponents (mutual assessment).

Using statistical methodology that allows discrimination between assessment types, we examined contests in the jumping spider Phiddipus clarus. In this species, aggressive interactions can be divided into ‘pre-contact’ and ‘contact’ phases.

Aggressive contests in male jumping spiders
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UV-Green Iridescence Predicts Male Quality during Jumping Spider Contests